The best mountain biking in the OZ outdoors

There aren’t many countries in the world with a great outdoors as ‘great’ on the map as the one Down Under: the Australian terrain is absolutely vast, and that brings with it a stunning variety of landscapes to get out and explore on a bike.


There are a host of high quality trails all around the country that will give you a real rush, many of which came hand in hand with the 2006 Commonwealth games. The Lysterfield Park trail network is one example of this, with a spectacular 6.4km race circuit as its centrepiece.


Australia has a number of famous athletes in the biking world, including 2013 BMX World Champion Caroline Buchanan, and over recent years they’ve been aided in their road to success by the construction of some of the best dedicated mountain biking trails to be found. Here are three locally-renowned areas for you to go out and get biking!


Wombat State Forest

Just 50km west of Melbourne in Victoria, this area of woodland is the setting for the annual 100km endurance event, the Wombat 100. There is great mountain biking to be had here at easy reach from the city, as well the Lyonville Mineral Springs, Garden of St Erth and Yankee Mine to explore.


Mount Buller

Also found in the state of Victoria, Mount Buller is a wonderfully snowy alpine town that is just as popular with snowsports enthusiasts as it is with bikers. The slopes provide the perfect ground for a series of first class Cross Country and Downhill courses, and there are both chairlifts and trailer shuttles to take you back to the top. The resort’s popularity means there is a huge variety of accommodation options for when you’re tired out!



This is a truly world-class place to go mountain biking. There are loads of places to hire lots of different types of bikes if you don’t already have your own, and you can dart among the pine trees of the Ben Lomond Reserve on 27 different trails with varying terrains that are suitable for all abilities and ages. The longest run comes in at 6km of pure biking joy. And all are accessible via the Skyline gondola-assisted lift.


Whether you’re spending the day biking or making a week of it with a dedicated tour of the area, the only thing you need to remember is to pack that puncture repair kit!