Scuba diving in Tutukaka

Scuba diving can be an awe-inspiring, breathtaking experience, but what about diving in the midst of ancient volcanoes along the Pacific’s ‘Ring of Fire’? Dive! Tutukaka offers the once in a lifetime opportunity to dive in the Poor Knights Islands.


Formed over 11 million years ago, these islands provide a multitude of spectacular underwater caves, tunnels and various other rock structures. The underwater wildlife is second to none. Thanks to the continental shelf and the abundant sunlight and nutrients needed for photosynthesis, the islands’ filter feeders are provided with ample amounts of food, in turn providing the larger marine animals with a plentiful bounty. During the summer, tropical animals catch the East Auckland current and arrive in this oasis; these animals include humpback whales, turtles, the rainbow fish and elegant wrasse.


Divers, look no further than Dive! Tutukaka. They have new equipment in all sizes available for rent if you don’t have your own. The boat begins to board at 8:30, and once filled, heads out 23 kilometers to the Poor Knights Islands. Finding the best dive spot depends on many conditions, but shouldn’t take long. Commence the first dive! After completing this dive, the boat boards again and tours around the islands while lunch is served. After an hour and a half, divers have the opportunity to go for a second dive. After a long and enjoyable day’s diving, the boat heads back to Tutukaka between the hours of 3:30 and 4:30pm.


Divers also have the opportunity to explore two sunken ships: the Tui and the Waikato. Both ships were sunk for the sole purpose of underwater exploration. Divers can explore bridges, control and engine rooms and crew areas.


If you have not been diving before, Dive! Tutukaka is a certified dive-training center and will teach you. However, if you don’t fancy taking the time to learn and would rather enjoy the sites, Dive! Tutukaka offers visitors the chance to kayak around the islands, an opportunity to explore the waters while snorkeling, and a boat tour, which includes cave explorations and mammal spotting as well as island facts and history.


No matter whether you’ve never dived a day in your life or you’re an expert diver, Dive! Tutukaka offers a once in a lifetime exploration of the ancient Poor Knights Islands. If you’re travelling to New Zealand, make sure you put this North Island attraction on your to-do-list for an adventure you will never forget.