Pink Lake: Western Australia’s mind-blowing destination

It’s a striking contrast—deep blue ebbing next to bubble gum pink. Lake Hillier, known as the Pink Lake, is on Australia’s Middle Island. Part of the Recherche Archipelago off the western coast, a thin strip of lush greenery is all that separates the lake from the Southern Ocean. A sight that is sure to make you rub your eyes in disbelief, Lake Hillier offers a view like no other.


The fascination with this unique island dates back to 1802, when explorer Matthew Flinders first happened across the rosy lake, and it remained a mysterious destination for centuries. No one knew the cause of the magical bright pink colour, but scientists recently deemed salt-loving microbes to be the culprit. The lake is extremely salty, comparable to the Dead Sea, and the microbes that thrive in these environment produce a pink pigment.


Because the lake is located on an island, it is not easily accessible on your own, but cruises and helicopter tours are two ways to enjoy the unbelievable views. Helicopter rides are highly recommended because of the unreal aerial view. Tourists love the juxtaposition of the soft pink lake alongside the sandy shore and turquoise waters. Esperance Helitours take you for a scenic journey throughout the Recherche Archipelago, flying over numerous islands, including Middle Island. Unfortunately, tourists can’t land on the island since it’s a National Reserve, but there’s no better view than from above. Cruises are also an option, the only downside being the distance from the shore. However, it’s worth it for a chance to sail the aquamarine sea and discover diverse marine life—be sure to keep an eye out for a pod of dolphins!


Lake Hillier isn’t the only pink lake in the world, but it is one of the most beautiful. While similar lakes become clear with only a slight pink tint when viewed up close, Lake Hillier remains a cotton-candy colour. Its hue is so strong that it’d be like swimming in a pink milkshake. Another distinct feature is the fact that the lake is permanently pink, rather than only during certain times of the year. Fluctuating from blush to watermelon, the lake is always a sight to behold. Take a journey down under to the Western Australian coast for your next adventure. With plenty to do in Esperance, from lounging on the white sand beaches to snorkelling in the brilliant blue waters, it’s the perfect location for a relaxing stay and incredible helicopter tour over Lake Hillier.