In the mood to party in Sydney

Sydney has something to offer everyone as night falls. This vibrant city, with its neon lights and bustling waterfront, provides everything from live gigs and student nights to cosmopolitan bars with views of the harbour. If you’re looking for a break from adventure travel pursuits, and you’re keen to let your hair down, here’s where to party in Sydney.


Where to head for a good time in Sydney

There are various hotspots in Sydney, and there are all kinds of options available to cater for people of all ages and interests.


Down by the harbour, close to the Opera House, you’ll find a series of chic urban bars offering an array of colourful cocktails and the occasional live DJ set.This is the place to go if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you’re keen to enjoy a drink with a view. The harbour is stunning by day, but it’s arguably better at night, when the bright city lights twinkle over the rippling water. This area is popular with those who work in the CBD. You’ll find large crowds on Friday and Saturday evenings. Head to The Rocks for al fresco partying and dancing until dawn.


King’s Cross

Depending on who you ask, King’s Cross can sometimes have a seedy reputation, but you’ll also find a new breed of trendy bars, which are popular with young professionals and students. People like to make an effort here, so don’t be afraid to dress to impress.



In the heart of the city, you’ll find an extensive collection of bars, hotels, and restaurants, many of which stay open until the early hours. You’ll find an enthusiastic crowd after work on weekdays.


Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is the place to be if you’re up for a big night out. The area boasts one of the city’s largest clubs, housing more than 2,000 people and hosting live DJ sets from high-profile Australian and international DJs. Go for a few drinks in the surrounding bars before making your way to the packed dancefloor.


Coogee Bay

If you’re a sports fan, there’s no better place to start your night than the bustling bars of Coogee Bay. You’ll find cheaper prices than in the centre of town, and you’re only a short cab ride away if you fancy a change of scenery later in the day. If the local rugby, Aussie rules or soccer teams are in action, you’re guaranteed a lively start to the night.