Camp under the stars in the Australian Outback

Nullarbor Plain, AustraliaThere are few more recognisable places on Earth than the Australian Outback and its iconic gem, Ayers Rock. This giant red rock stands tall surrounded by dusty plains that stretch for miles. For many, seeing Ayers Rock is a dream, but it could become a reality. If you’re planning a trip to Australia, don’t restrict yourself to the bustling cities and the well-trodden backpacker tracks of the East Coast. A camping trip in the Outback is a must for any intrepid traveller desperate to revel in the throes of adventure travel Down Under.


Planning your trip and packing tips

Uluru isn’t one of those places you can just stumble upon. A camping break here requires planning. There are many organised tours you can do, and this helps to eliminate stress. There is also the option of planning your own trip. Before you book anything, do some research. Ask friends and search online for recommendations and read reviews. Look at the weather forecast, and read up on the activities that are available. It’s important to pack suitable gear if you’re planning to get involved in outdoor adventures and sleep under the stars.

Even on blisteringly hot days, temperatures can plummet during the night, so make sure you have warm layers and a sleeping bag with you. You’ll also need a basic first aid kit, some sturdy walking shoes, and of course, your camera. In the peak tourist season, the campsites around Uluru get very busy, so book accommodation in advance.


What to do on your trip

You could sit and stare at Ayers Rock for hours without getting bored, but it seems a shame to miss out on the other scintillating sights and attractions. Aim for sunrise or sunset to avoid the crowds, enjoy the eerie tranquillity and witness spectacular views. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn all about the history and significance of the national park at the Cultural Centre. It’s not against the law to climb the rock, but the Aboriginal tribes do request that visitors refrain from scaling the surfaces, as this is a scared land to them.

Once you’ve got the shots and seen the rock in all its glory, make for King’s Canyon. This is a veritable feast for the eyes with weird and wonderful geographical wonders visible from every angle. Take a walk along the rim to get the best vistas before you descend into the canyon.