A visit to Australia’s top voted beach: Whitehaven

The Whitsunday collection of Australian islands is viewed as one of the best island getaways in Australia, if not the world. The award-winning Whitehaven Beach is the largest on the 74 islands in the group and is a sight to behold. Whitehaven Beach is a uniquely dazzling spot, and with the sand stretching for over 4.5 miles, it never feels crowded even on its busiest of days.

Whitehaven Beach is protected by The Whitsunday Islands National Park, resulting in a wonderfully unspoilt stretch of coastline voted both the world’s top eco-friendly beach and the cleanest beach in Queensland. The sand on Whitehaven Beach is composed of 98% silica, making it light and fluffy to the touch, and also making it resistant to heat – no scolded soles here! Walking along the seven kilometres of pristine sand looking out onto the vivid blue of the crystal clear Coral Sea is one of the most romantic experiences you could imagine.

Getting to Whitehaven Beach requires a boat ride or short flight, with the option to take either a day or weekend trip. Day trips on ferries, yachts and high-speed catamarans all depart from Hamilton island and Airlie beach, and a variety of companies offer multi-day charters. With the Great Barrier Reef located just on the Whitsunday Islands’ doorstep, the surrounding area is a paradise which offers a range of activities, many of which can be added to your tour package.

Activities that you can get involved with from Whitehaven Beach and the surrounding areas include: sailing around the crystal blue and green waters, Scuba Diving around the coral reef to enjoy seeing a range of marine animals and hiring jet skis. This is the perfect way to take in the best of the full stretch of sand, and will give your trip a real injection of adrenaline. Fishing tours are also available if you fancy your chances of landing something tropical!

Whilst on Whitehaven Beach you can play some beach ball, take a walk and explore the myriad of small coves, creeks, and inlets that surround it (the best time to do this is at low tide), or you can simply relax and take in the breathtaking environment. One of the top activities is the hike to Hill Inlet. This lookout point offers possibly the best view for taking photos of the beach and ocean, looking out to where the tide shifts and hits the sand, developing the swirls in the water and creating the fusion of colours.

Whitehaven Beach is one of the best beaches in the world let alone Australia, and if you’re imagining crystal blue water and white sandy beaches – you’re imagining correctly!